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Hydraulic Power Systems has been in the fluid power design and manufacturing business since 1945. We have developed, tested, and produced a wide range of products including:

We're also stocking distributers of:

We supply design, engineering, and fabrication services for hydraulic and electro-hydraulic systems and system components. We have designed and built-to-order items as simple as surge tanks and as complicated as a thirty-foot long console of computer-controlled test equipment for aircraft component testing. Give us a call for any of your hydraulic component or system needs.

The HPS Intensifier/Accumulator(tm)

The HPS, Inc. Intensifier Accumulator was the first and original accumulator of its type developed for automotive plant uses.

They are used extensively throughout the automotive industry. Their applications include clamping, welding, and piercing operations.

The differential area piston allows factory air pressure to be intensified to hydraulic presure proportional to the differential piston area ratio.

Product Spotlight: the Pulse Gulper(tm)

Our newest component innovation is the Pulse Gulper(tm): a family of pulsation suppressors that have been enthusiastically received by the industry, winning recognition in the Design News awards supplement, The Best Fluid Power Ideas of 1996.

The Pulse Gulper(tm) can improve any hydraulic circuit--significantly reducing pulsations, noise, surges, materials fatigue, and leakage; as well as improving system life and accuracy in servo-controlled systems. You owe it to yourself and your customers to look more deeply into this dramatic, and dramatically simple new technology.

It has earned letters of praise from users like Twinkle Co and DFI. Magneti Marelli was equally impressed when they installed one on the fully active suspension they have developed for the Ferrari 512 TR Testarossa test car. (Wish they gave us one in trade.)

System Spotlight: the Pulsor(tm)

Now the field of hydraulics has the same unlimited test capability that electrical engineers have relied on for decades.

The Pulsor(tm) test system is a flexible, portable, compact system that can be used to simulate almost any kind of pressure pulsations or flow oscillations for complete testing of a hydraulic component or system.

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