Hydraulic Pumps

Variable and Fixed Displacement Pumps

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HPS produces a range of both fixed and variable displacement in-line piston pumps for high performance applications. These pumps were designed for applications with demanding requirements including high speeds, high pressure, fast response, and small size and weight.

The pumps listed here represent only a small subset of those that HPS has to offer. Please contact HPS for information about the full range of HPS pumps and hydraulic motors.

Applications include:
  • Commercial aircraft
  • Military aircraft
  • Aerospace
  • Military vehicles
  • High-performance mobile
  • Active suspension systems
Operational Benefits:
  • High efficiency
  • Low pressure pulsations
  • Rapid response time
  • High-speed capability
  • Reliable
  • Durable
Design benefits:
  • Proven design concept
  • Aluminum alloy housings
  • No plated surfaces
  • High-capacity bearings
  • Modular mounting flanges
  • Modular controls

Variable Displacement Pumps: Details
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Fixed Displacement Pumps and Motors
Please contact HPS or your distributor for information about the complete line of HPS fixed displacement pumps.