Hydraulic Power Systems: Company profile

Company profile

Hydraulic Power Systems, Inc. was formed in 1945 as a designer and builder of hydraulic power units, test stands, and related fluid power equipment. It is located in the Detroit, Michigan suburb of Oak Park.

Under new management since 1980, HPS has significantly advanced its development, engineering, manufacturing, and testing capabiliities in the fluid power fields. The markets served include aerospace, defense, industrial, mobile, and marine.

HPS specializes in in-house and contract design and development engineering, component and system testing and manufacturing of a broad variety of advanced fluid power products, systems, and test equipment. Our engineering, testing, and manufacturing capabilities allow us to pursue individual component designs, or total systems from inception to production with minimal outside assistance. All test systems are built in-house.

The latest in CAD equipment is used by HPS engineers for two- and three-dimensional design work, with full 3D rotation and pre-production viewing. HPS also has a complete PC-based computer network integrating engineering, manufacturing, purchasing, and sales. Computerized data acquisition and controls are used for all test work. Single- and multi-channel FFT analysers, with order tracking, are used for data analysis.

HPS has developed a series of inline piston variable displacement pumps, and fixed displacement piston pumps and motors for aerospace, defense, and high-performance vehicular applications. Patented lines of hydraulic pulsation dampers and accumulators, and g-rotor pumps and motors are available for all of these applications.

Additionally, HPS has developed and tested components and systems for active suspension, hydraulic load-leveling, engine cooling, power steering, anti-lock brake systems, and power take-off systems. These efforts include the design, manufacture, and lab testing of components and systems, as well as installation and testing on the vehicles themselves. The system dynamics are simulated with test rigs developed by HPS using programmable controllers with full computer interface capability.

HPS completes all phases of design, fabrication, assembly, and all development, endurance, and production testing. The required dynamometers, test stands, computerized data acquisition systems, temperature chambers, computerized control systems, and sound cells were all designed and fabricated in-house by HPS.

Our expertise includes the resolution of problems related to sound/noise, stress/strain, vibration, temperature, and pressure. This total program capability and the company's flexible structure allow HPS to complete projects with innovation, excellent quality, and minimal time expenditure.

The HPS complete in-house capability of R&D, Engineering, testing, and Fabrication works to serve our customers for the technological advancement of fluid power and the related sciences.