The Pulsor(tm)

The Pulsor(tm)

The Pulsor(tm) is a servo-hydraulic test system or hydraulic power supply capable of generating controllable flow oscillations and pressure pulsations--independently. Frequency and amplitude are controlled by a unique electro-hydraulic servo system with an HPS electronic controller.

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The Pulsor(tm) is the equivalent of an electronic signal generator, where the user has the ability to dial in or externally supply a signal to a test specimen for the purpose of design, test, and analysis correlation.

Basically, The Pulsor(tm) converts the signals from an electronic signal generator into a hydraulic signal. The Pulsor(tm) therefore offers much of the flexibility of an electronic signal generator--but will supply controllable pressure pulsations or flow oscillations instead of varying voltage or current.

The Pulsor(tm) is useful as a unique hydraulic power source that simulates pump inputs and other sources of ripple to test specimens, with the ability to change and control the input characteristics at the turn of a knob or the flip of a switch.

The hydraulic waveform thus produced can be viewed and analyzed, and its effect on the test specimen or the specimen's performance can be analyzed, with a common oscilloscope or FFT analyzer.

Applications include: power steering gear, ABS systems, hydraulic systems tuning, landing gear, flight controls, machine controls, actuators, hose tuning, and many others.

Pulsor Specifications