Hydraulic Power Systems: Design News Recognition

This originally appeared on pages 21 and 22 of the Design News special supplement: The Best Fluid Power Ideas of 1996, where we were recognized for our innovative solution to a common and serious problem: pulses and surges in hydraulic systems.

Full Flow Hydraulic Pulsation Suppressors

Up to 90% reduction of Pump output pulsations, fatigue and system noise. The new "Pulse Gulper" line of patented Full Flow, hydropneumatic piston-type pulsation suppressors are available with SAE-8, -10, -16 and -24 ports. Models for commercial, aerospace and military power hydraulic systems are offered.

The "breakthrough" pulsation, fatigue and noise reduction results from the FULL pump flow and related shock waves being redirected against the total face of the suppressor piston and absorbed by a compliant nitrogen gas.

The suppressor flow discharge is smooth and steady even though the pump flow is pulsating and erratic.

User benefits include: significant reduction in pulsation levels, reduction of airborne and structure borne noise, reduction of materials fatigue, smooth flow for precise servo controlability, absorbtion of pressure surges, reduction of leakage, extended component and system life, ease of installation in new and existing systems, and applicable as miniature accumulator.

For more information please contact Mr. Ed Paley, V.P. of Engineering at (248) 765-3896.