The HPS Intensifier/Accumulator(tm)

The HPS Intensifier/Accumulator(tm)

The HPS, Inc. Intensifier Accumulator was the first and original accumulator of its type developed for automotive plant uses. They are used extensively throughout the automotive industry. Their applications include clamping, welding, and piercing operations.

The differential area piston allows factory air pressure to be intensified to hydraulic pressure proportional to the differential piston area ratio.

For example, a 10/1 differential area accumulator will provide 1000 psi of hydraulic pressure when 100 psi of factory air is supplied.

Operating with a hydraulic power unit, the oil/air accumulator will discharge hydraulic oil into the circuit, provide the pressure required for the application, and return to the start position for the next shot automatically.

The HPS intensifier/accumulator line is available in 10/1, 7.8/1, and 5/1 differential piston ratios, and 1.5, 2, and 3 gallon capacities to meet a variety of application requirements.